Heading - Cornish language weekend

An folen ma yw rann an kovskrif. Rag daffar arnowydh, gwra gweles an folen ma mar pleg.

Penn-seythen 2015:  On a treasure huntRag lies kernewegor, an ughpoynt yn mysk hwarvosow an yeth restrys dres an vledhen yw an Bennseythen Gernewek hag yw synsys y’n Gwenton.
Yma hengov pur hir a Benn-seythennyow Kernewek.  Yn bledhynnyow kyns y fedhens synsys yn kampva karavan, mes pur yeyn yw Gwenton yn Kernow yn fenowgh ha rakhenna y’n dedhyow ma an Kowethas a ragergh ostel dhien rag an bennseythen.

Rag kernewegoryon yw an Bennseythen, heb mar, mes henn yw dhe leverel ‘kernewegoryon orth pub nivel’, y’ga mysk tus na wor unn ger a Gernewek mes aPenn-seythen 2015:  Shelagh Garrard and Vanessa Beeman garsa dyski an yeth.  Rag an dus na, ha tus ha dhedha tamm Kernewek, yma dyskansow dres an bennseythen.  Rag tus moy avonsys yma aktivitys a’ga gweres dhe braktisya kewsel an yeth yn desedhyansow divers.  Ha rag tus freth yma arethow ha bagasow dadhla.

Dy’Gwener gorthugherweyth y teu kevrenegow hag omguntel rag kinyewel war-barth kyns omlowenhe y’n barr ow klappya orth kowetha na veu gwelys a-dhia an Bennseythen y’n vledhen kyns.  Yn fenowgh yma kenys ha bardhonieth ynwedh.

Dyskansow, hag aktivitys yeth yw gidys, a dhalleth dy’Sadorn myttinweyth, hag ena wosa liv yma tro a-dro dhe’n dre po dhe neb le y’n ranndir, yn Kernewek gans treylyans yn Sowsnek.  Gorthugherweyth y rester an Kowethas bagasow ilow ha dons avel didhan.

Dy’Sul yma dyskansow hag aktivitys erel arta, ha wosa liv yma didhan kepar ha gwari performys gans neb klass kernewek.  Hag ena termyn yw rag leverel ‘Duw genes’ dhe gowetha nowydh ha koth bys y’n vledhen a dheu!

Amkan an Bennseythen Gernewek yw ri dhe gernewegoryon ha dyskoryon chons dhe braktisya kewsel an yeth yn unn omlowenhe hag yn kyrghynnedh hegar, lowsys ha kosel, ha ni a wayt ni dhe wul henna yn sewen – prag na dhewgh dhe’n nessa Pennseythen rag gweles mars yw henna an kas?


Derivas gans Sarah Cooke: Penn-seythen Gernewek 2017

Pennseythen Gernewek 2017

Pur sewenus o an Bennseythen Gernewek bledhynnyek, synsys an 7ves - 9ves a vis-Ebrel yn Ostel Sandy Lodge, Tewynblustri.   Kernewegoryon a bub gallos a dheuth dhyworth a-ogas hag a-bell.

Dy'Gwener yth esa dyskansow "stoffya" rag an re esons ow studhya rag apposyansow, ha rag kowsoryon freth yth esa hwarvosow yn Kernewek yn unnik. Gorthugherweyth yth esa keskan gans Keur heb Hanow, sewys gans Jane Kneebone ha'y gitar ow ledya kanow hengovek.

Dy'Sadorn ha dy'Sul myttinweyth, yth esa klassow orth pub nivel. Dy'Sadorn dohajydhweyth yth esa chons dhe glewes a-dro dhe istori Tewynblustri gans kerdh dhe'n gwithti ha dhe'n porth.  Dehwelys dhe'n ostel, y hyllys klewes a-dro dhe’n ragdres Porkellis.  Wosa kinyow, meurgerys kepar dell yw usys o an donsyow kernewek, hembrenkys gans Hevva.  Dy'Sul wosa li, da o genen klewes hwedhel Sen Ia ha Sen Uny, derivys yn y vaner dhidhanus gans Pol Hodge.

Dallethys yn 1975, an Bennseythen yw chons marthusek dhe braktisya Kernewek orth py nivel pynag a vynnowgh.  Ynwedh, yma chons dhe glewes a-dro dhe hwarvosow ha ragdresow, hag omvetya gans Kernewegoryon a-dhyworth ranndiryow erel a Vreten Veur, keffrys ha pella a-ves.

Mirva Benn-seythen 2016

Video Penn-seythen 2017

Mirva Benn-seythen 2017



Heading - Cornish language weekend

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Penn-seythen 2015 At the aquariumFor many Cornish speakers the high point amongst language events organised through the year is the Cornish Language Weekend which is held in the Spring.  There is a long tradition of Language Weekends.  In years gone by they were held in a caravan park, but it’s often very cold in Cornwall in the Spring so these days the Kowethas books an entire hotel for the weekend.

The Weekend is for Cornish speakers, of course, but that means ‘Cornish speakers at all levels’ including people that don’t know a word of Cornish but would like to learn the language.  For those people, and people with just a little Cornish there are lessons through the weekend .  For more advanced people there are activities that will help them speak the language in a variety of situations.  And for fluent speakers there are talks and discussion groups.

On Friday evening delegates arrive and get together for dinner before enjoying themselves in the bar chatting to friends they haven’t seen since the previous year’s Weekend.  Often there is singing and poetry too.

Lessons, and guided language activities, begin on Saturday morning, and then after lunch there is a tour around the town or some other place in the district, in Cornish with an English translation.   In the evening the Kowethas organises bands and dance groups for entertainment.

On Sunday there are lessons and other activities again, and after lunch some entertainment, such as a play performed by a Cornish class.  Then it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to new and old friends until next year!

The aim of the Language Weekend is to give Cornish speakers and learners a chance to practise speaking the language in an enjoyable way and in a friendly, stress-free and relaxed environment, and we hope we do that successfully – why not come to the next Weekend to see if that’s the case?

Report from Sarah Cooke: Cornish Language Weekend 2017

The annual Cornish Language Weekend, held on 7th -9th April at Sandy Lodge Hotel, Newquay, was a great success.  It was attended by Cornish speakers of all abilities from near and far.

On the Friday there were "cramming" sessions for those studying for exams,  and activities solely in Cornish for fluent speakers.  A musical evening was provided by Keur heb Hanow, followed by Jane Kneebone on her guitar leading traditional songs.

Classes at all levels were available on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Saturday afternoon there was an opportunity to learn about the history of Newquay with a walk to the museum and the harbour.  Back at the hotel there was a talk about the Porkellis project.  After dinner the Cornish dancing, led by Hevva, was as popular as ever.  On Sunday after lunch, we were entertained to the story of St Ia and St Uny, recounted in his inimitable fashion by Pol Hodge.

The Pennseythen, which started in 1975, is a wonderful opportunity to practise Cornish at whatever level you wish.  It also gives an opportunity to hear about events and projects, and to meet other Cornish speakers from different parts of Britain and even further afield.

Weekend 2016 gallery

2017 Weekend: video

2017 Weekend: gallery



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