Yeth an Werin dhe Davern an Steren

Yeth an Werin at the Star Inn

Dee ow tenna pinta / Dee pulling a pint
Matthi ha Jakki / Matthi and Jakki
Tus orth an barr / People at the bar
An folen ma yw rann an kovskrif. Ny vydh hi nowedhes. This page is part of the archive. It won't be updated.

A vynnowgh prena agas diwes dhe Yeth an Werin heb kewsel Sownek orth an barr? Wel, lemmyn y hyllowgh, dhe Davern an Steren, Porkellis.

Wosa prena an tavern nans yw blydhen, an ostys nowydh, Anthony Richards hag Andrew Denton, a vynnas ordena klassow y'n diwotti, ha kestava orth Maga rag gweres. Maga a dhastannvonas agas e-bost dhyn ni, drefenn ni dhe vos trigys dre jons saw lathow dhiworth an diwotti na. 

Yn kynsa, ni a restras nebes klassow may hallas an ostys ha'n deythyogyon klewes orth an yeth ha dyski lavarow kemmyn, mes a verr spys kler o an pyth a vynnons i leverel yn Kernewek o dhe erghi po diwes ha kresigow, po kowl ha bara kennin, po tesenn - hag yma tesenn splann ena gwrys gans Anthony! An ostys a aswonnis an galladewder y'n yeth ages "poynt gwertha" rag an Tavern, ha dhalleth praktisya gwariow-rol may hallsons i kewsel Kernewek lowr a-dryv an barr.

Wosa meur a braktis - dre vras gans Dee - sur lowr o Anthony hag Andrew may hyllsyn restra agan kynsa Yeth an Werin dhe'n Tavern. Yth esa ilow splann dhiworth Jakki Love ha Matthi Clarke, ha tesenn ha pastiow blasek gwrys gans Anthony ha gans Raƫl Harvey. A-dro dhe dheg den warn ugens a dheuth dhiworth Pennsans, Porthia, Truru, an Lysardh ha leow erell!

Yth esa ena ynwedh Rachel Scofield, derivadores Radyo Kernow, ha'n nessa dydh hy derivas o dastyllis lieskweyth. Wosa henna, David George a dheuth dhiworth BBC Spotlight, hag yth esa an nowodhow yn lies paper-nowodhow ynwedh. Pur lowen en ni dhe weles derivasow mar skoedhyansek a'n yeth.

Anthony hag Andrew a vynn pesya skoedhya an yeth, hag yma arwoedhow a-dro dhe'n Tavern yn Kernewek, hag onan ryb an daras a-rag gans dargan an gewer diwyethek. An Yeth an Werin a vydh synsys pub mis y'n termyn a dheu.

Yn mis Metheven y fydh an nessa Yeth an Werin, dy'Lun an 8ves, dhe 20:00 eur, gans klass berr rag dallethoryon dhe 19:30. Splann via agas gweles ena!

Rag pella derivadow, kestavewgh gans:

Do you ever wish you could buy your drinks at a Yeth an Werin without having to drop into English at the bar? Well now you can, at the Star Inn, Porkellis.

The new owners of the inn, Anthony Richards and Andrew Denton, contacted Maga about setting up classes in the pub, and Maga in turn put them in touch with Dee Hunt and Steve Harris, who by chance lived just down the road. They held some informal classes there, and it soon became clear that what the students wanted most was to be able to speak Cornish while buying drinks and snacks at the bar. Anthony and Andrew saw the potential of the language as a selling-point for the Star Inn, and have now learnt enough to be able to serve behind the bar in Cornish. There are also signs around the pub, and a bilingual weather forecast in the porch.

We have held the first Yeth an Werin there - a great success with around 30 speakers coming from all over west Cornwall to enjoy an evening of chat, music and cake! This attracted a lot of media interest in what has been done with the language at the pub, from newspapers, radio and television.

The next Yeth an Werin will be held on Monday 8th June at 8pm, preceded at 7:30pm by a short beginners' class.

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