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Hwarvosow yn bys an yeth Kernewek:

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Yma manylyon a-dro dhe dhew hwarvos Prag Na? war folen Lyver Fas Prag Na?

Gwra gweles an Sowsnek mar pleg.

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There are details about two Prag Na? events on the Prag Na? Facebook page.

1.  Skinners Brewery Tour
The tour will take place on Friday 16th March, 7.30 - 10.30pm.
Pol Hodge will be translating the tour. This event includes a pasty of your choice (meat, vegetarian and gluten free available) and unlimited ale provided people don't get too drunk and disorderly!  The venue is Skinners in Newham Road, Truro.
To book you need to go to the Prag Na? Facebook page, or to www.eventbrite.co.uk and search for Prag Na?.
Note that there are a few flights of stairs on this tour, and closed-toe shoes are essential.

2.  Speaking Workshop
This is on Wednesday 28th February, 7.30 - about 10.00pm
In association with Cornwall Music Festival and hosted by Esme Tackley, this workshop is for people who'd like to gain confidence in their oratory skills and speaking Cornish.  The venue is Porkellis Hall, near Helston.   A £1 to £2 donation to cover the hall hire and heating will be requested but there will be refreshments and even home baked cookies!
To book you need to go to the Prag Na? Facebook page, or email Prag Na? at   pragna043@gmail.com  .  

Ottomma kalender a hwarvosow dhyworth MAGA/Here is a calendar of events from MAGA. http://www.kalenderkernewek.com/




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