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Taves an Tir

Y fydh 'Dydh Dyskadoryon' synsy gans Kesva an Yeth Kernewek dhyworth 10 eur (dalleth 10.30) bys dhe 3 eur dhe Lys Kernow yn Truru 29ves a vis Hedra. Gwrewgh kestava orth info@teachcornish.com rag manylyon.

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Cornish language weekend

Taves an Tir

Kesva an Yeth Kernewek is running the second of its Teachers' Days for 2016. The training and information day will be held from 10.00 (for a 10.30 start) to 3.00 at Lys Kernow in Truro on 29th. October. All Cornish language teachers or anyone thinking of teaching Cornish is welcome. Please contact info@teachcornish.com for information.

Ottomma kalendar a hwarvosow dhyworth MAGA/Here is a calendar of events from MAGA




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