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Kemeneth an yeth Kernewek a syns ynni tus oll a-dro dhe’n bys a’s teves kevren gans, po kerensa rag, Kernow, hy gonisogeth ha’y thus. Keffrys ha’n lies devnydhyer a Gernewek yn Kernow hag a-hys an RU, yma bagasow byw a dhevnydhyoryon a’n yeth kernewek war lies brastir. An dhevnydhyoron ma a’n yeth yw yn fenowgh diyskynnysi a ragresoryon, tus val ha hwithroryon a wrug mos dhe hwilas aga fortun a-dro dhe’n bys. Yn fenowgh y hwelyn derivasow a-dro dhe bennseythennyow yeth ha hwarvosow erel a-dro dhe’n bys, lies anedha derivys yn An Gannas, lyver termyn an Kowethas.

Bagasow Leel

An Kowethas a skoodh niver a vagasow leel. Y’ga mysk: An Kylgh Kernewek, Heudh yn Hav, Tus an West ha Kowethas an Yeth Loundres.

Antempna Kenedhlek

Ogas ha pub hwarvos an  gemeneth a worfenn gans kana ‘Bro Goth Agan Tasow’. Gorfennys yw hemma yn fenowgh gans kri a ‘KERNOW BYS VYKKEN’ hag a dhiskwa kerensa an  gemeneth a’y herensa hag omrians dh’y mammvro ha’y thus.

An Kowethas

An Kowethas a omre dhe avonsya ha devnydhya an yeth yn pub tremmyn an  bewnans hag a dhyght yn fenowgh myttinyow koffi, dydhyow lowen, stallow orth hwarvosow meur ha’y hwarvos meurgerys an Bennseythen Gernewek synsys yn  Tewynblustri.

Yeth an Werin

Lies kuntel anfurvus a gowsoryon an yeth,  aswonys avel Yeth an Werin, a hwer
a-hys Kernow, le may hyllir praktisya Kernewek kewsys yn ayrgylgh lowsys.

The Cornish language community is made up of people all across the world who have a link to, or a love of Cornwall, its culture and its people. As well as the many users of Cornish in Cornwall and across the UK, there are active clusters of Cornish language users on many continents. These language users are often the descendants of Cornish pioneers, miners and explorers who went to seek their fortunes across the world. Frequently we see reports of language weekends and other events across the world, many of which are reported in An Gannas, the  Fellowship’s monthly magazine.

Local Groups

The Kowethas supports a number of local groups.  These include: An Kylgh Kernewek, Heudh yn Hav, Tus an West and Kowethas an Yeth Loundres.

National Anthem

At almost every language event the community finishes with a rendition of 'Bro Goth Agan Tasow' or 'Old Land of Our Fathers'. This is often punctuated by the cry of 'KERNOW BYS VYKKEN' or 'CORNWALL FOREVER' reflecting the passion of the community for its  commitment to its homeland and its people.

The Fellowship

The Fellowship commits to promoting and using Cornish language in all walks of life and regularly runs coffee mornings, fun days, stalls at major events and its extremely popular Language  Weekend held in Newquay.

Yeth an Werin

Many informal gatherings of Cornish speakers, known as Yeth an Werin, occur across Cornwall, where you can practise your spoken Cornish in a relaxed atmosphere.

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