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Nowodhow ha hwarvosow y'n bys Kernewek

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Taves an Tir - ragdres Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

Penn-seythen 2017 - 7ves a vis Ebrel bys 8ves. Chons dhe gewsel Kernewek gans Kernewegoryon erel ha dhe dhyski moy a'n yeth.

Porthkellys a Gan - dewgh ha kana yn Kernewek genen! Manylyon.


8 our pub seythen dres unn vledhen

Person gwresek ha fogellys orth an gemeneth yw hwilys gans kowethasow an Yeth Kernewek rag delivra ragdres 12 mis, arghasys gans Konsel Kernow, dhe dhrehevel gallos rosweyth ha dhe denna tus dhe aktivitys socyal a'n Yeth Kernewek. 
An ombrofyer sewen a'n jevydh passyon rag oberi gans an Yeth Kernewek ha rag gweres hy avonsya dres an gemeneth; keyndir yn delivrans a ragdresow; tamm aswonnvos a'n yeth kernewek; hag a vydh parys dhe oberi ouryow hebleth, y'ga mysk nebes gorthugherow ha pennseythennyow.

Dydhyas Degea: 27ves a vis-Meurth 2017.  Dydhyas Keswel 7ves a vis-Ebrel 2017.

Ombrofyewgh dre lyther po der ebost, gans lyther ha CV ow medra orth profil an rol (stegys), dhe:

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek, 6 Artists’ Muse, Heartlands, Fordh an Bal, Pool, TR15 3FD kowethasanyeth@gmail.com 

Yma gwydhyow dogvennek didheurek omma:

Youtube:  https://youtu.be/CBtRKjexr6M 
Vimeo:     https://vimeo.com/207793021 

Yeth an Werin a wra dalleth mis-Ebryl yn diwotti The Handpost Hotel, Casnewydd, Kembra.  Synsys vydh pub nessa dy'Meurth y'n mis, 7pm-9pm.  Dynnerghys yw pubonan.  Pella derviadow dhiworth  Justin Eager, 07982 737665, iceblue1066@hotmail.com .

An Gannas yw lyver termyn skrifys yn Kernewek yn tien hag yw dyllys pub mis gans an Kowethas ha danvenys dh’y eseli.  Lies esel a gevre erthyglow a-dro dhe destennow divers pub mis may ma ‘neppyth rag pubonan’ ynno.

Dres dew-ugens bledhen, Graham Sandercock re beu pennskrifer An Gannas.  Y ober owth askorra an lyver-termyn a-dhia 1976 re beu elven pur dhe les yn sewena an yeth Kernewek hedhyw.   Pan dheu an 500ves dyllans yn 2018, omdenna a wra ev a'n soodh ma. Pur synsys on ni dhodho rag y ober dres an bledhynnyow.

Kessedhek an Kowethas a vynnsa kavos tybyansow an eseleth ha'n redyoryon rag ervira an termyn a dheu rag an lyver-termyn.  Synsys vien ni mar kyllowgh kollenwel an govynador a-woles, ha'y dhanvon po der ebost dhe sarahcooke211@yahoo.co.uk po der an post dhe Sarah Cooke, Treetops, Windmill Hill, Launceston, PL15 9TF

Yma Yeth an Werin pub kensa dy'Lun a'n mis dhe 7.30 dhe'n Steren yn Porthkellys. An kensa hanter owr anodho yw specyli dhe les rag dallethoryon. Gwrewgh pellgewsel orth 01326 340237 po danvon e-bost dhe anthony@thestarinnporkellis.co.uk. Y hyllir kavos manylyon a Yeth ha hwarvosow erel Kernewek y'n Kalendar Kernewek.


Y fydh stallow Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek dhe'n hwarvosow ma. Dewgh ha leverel 'Hou'! Mar hyllowgh gweres dyghtya stall, gwrewgh kestava orthyn mar pleg.

Taves an Tir: Ugensves lyther nowodhow

Y hyllir mires orth ugenves lyther nowodhow agan ragdres 'Taves an Tir' omma. Rag pellla manylyon, gwra mires orth an folen ma, mar pleg.

Pennseythen Gernewek

Taves an Tir

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Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Project - Taves an Tir

Language weekend 2017 - 7th. to 9th. April. A chance to speak Cornish with other Cornish speakers and to learn more of the language.

Porkellis sings - come and sing in Cornish with us! Details.


8 hours a week for a year

Enthusiastic community-minded individual required by established Cornish Language organisations to deliver a 12 month long Cornwall Council funded project to build network capability and to engage people in Cornish Language social activities.
The successful applicant will have a passion for working with the Cornish language and helping to progress it across the community; a background in delivering community projects, have some knowledge of the Cornish Language and be prepared to work flexible hours, including some evenings and weekends.

Closing date: 27th March 2017. Interview date 7th April 2017

Apply in writing or by email with a letter and CV addressing the role profile (attached) to:

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek, 6 Artists’ Muse, Heartlands, Fordh an Bal, Pool, TR15 3FD kowethasanyeth@gmail.com

There's an interesting documentary video here:

Youtube:  https://youtu.be/CBtRKjexr6M 
Vimeo:     https://vimeo.com/207793021 

A Yeth an Werin will start in April in the pub at The Handpost Hotel, Newport, Wales.  It will be held every second Tuesday each month, from 7pm - 9pm.  All welcome.  Further information from Justin Eager, 07982 737665, iceblue1066@hotmail.com .

An Gannas is a magazine written entirely in Cornish which is published every month by the Kowethas and sent to its members.  Many members contribute articles on various subjects every month so there is ‘something for everyone’ in it.......

For 40 years, Graham Sandercock has been editor of An Gannas.  His work in producing the magazine since 1976 has been an essential element in the success of the Cornish language today.   He will be retiring from this job when the 500th edition comes out in 2018.  We are extremely grateful to him for his work over the years.

The Kowethas Committee would like to get the views of the membership and readers in order to decide on the future of the magazine.  We would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire, and send it either by email to sarahcooke211@yahoo.co.uk or by post to Sarah Cooke, Treetops, Windmill Hill, Launceston, PL15 9TF

There is a Yeth an Werin (social meeting of Cornish speakers) every first Monday of the month at 7.30pm at the Star in Porkellis. The first half hour of this is particularly suitable for beginners. For information call 01326 340237 or email anthony@thestarinnporkellis.co.uk. You can find details of Yeth or other Cornish events on the Kalendar Kernewek.


There will be Kowethas an Yeth stalls at these events. Come and say 'Hello'! If you can help run a stall, please contact us.

Taves an Tir: Twentieth newsletter

You can look at the twentieth newsletter of our project 'Taves am Tir' here. For further details, please see this page.


Cornish language weekend

Taves an Tir


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