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Nowodhow ha hwarvosow y'n bys Kernewek

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Taves an Tir - ragdres Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

Agan Lev

Keskows Kemeneth - Kernewek y'n termyn a dheu

Gwariva Acorn . Dy' Sul 26ves a vis Hwevrer. 11 myttinweyth - 3 dohajydhweyth. Manylyon.

An Gannas yw lyver termyn skrifys yn Kernewek yn tien hag yw dyllys pub mis gans an Kowethas ha danvenys dh’y eseli.  Lies esel a gevre erthyglow a-dro dhe destennow divers pub mis may ma ‘neppyth rag pubonan’ ynno.

Dres dew-ugens bledhen, Graham Sandercock re beu pennskrifer An Gannas.  Y ober owth askorra an lyver-termyn a-dhia 1976 re beu elven pur dhe les yn sewena an yeth Kernewek hedhyw.   Pan dheu an 500ves dyllans yn 2018, omdenna a wra ev a'n soodh ma. Pur synsys on ni dhodho rag y ober dres an bledhynnyow.

Kessedhek an Kowethas a vynnsa kavos tybyansow an eseleth ha'n redyoryon rag ervira an termyn a dheu rag an lyver-termyn.  Synsys vien ni mar kyllowgh kollenwel an govynador a-woles, ha'y dhanvon po der ebost dhe sarahcooke211@yahoo.co.uk po der an post dhe Sarah Cooke, Treetops, Windmill Hill, Launceston, PL15 9TF

An argemyn a-woles yw rag sodh nowydh dhe Gonsel Kernow – Kovskrifer Ragdres.  An kontrakt a vydh 3 dydh pub seythun rag 6 mis, owth oberi rag ragdres Dasserhi Kernowek a wra kovskrifa dasserghyans an yeth Kernewek yn Kansbledhen 20ves avarr. 


Yma hwath prys dh'omjunya dhe glass Kernewek an seythen ma (2016-7). Gwrewgh kestava orthyn lemmyn mar pleg.

Y fydh Dydh Dyskadoryon moy rag 2016. An jydh trenyans ha kedhlow a vydh synsys dhyworth deg eur myttynweyth (dalleth: 10.30) bys dhe teyr eur dohajydhweyth dhe Lys kernow yn Truru an 29ves a vis Hedra. Pub dyskador/es a Gernewek ha pubonan a vynn dyski Kernewek yw wolkom. Gwrewgh kestava orth info@teachcornish.com rag manylyon mar pleg.

Yma Yeth an Werin pub kensa dy'Lun a'n mis dhe 7.30 dhe'n Steren yn Porthkellys. An kensa hanter owr anodho yw specyli dhe les rag dallethoryon. Gwrewgh pellgewsel orth 01326 340237 po danvon e-bost dhe anthony@thestarinnporkellis.co.uk. Y hyllir kavos manylyon a Yeth ha hwarvosow erel Kernewek y'n Kalendar Kernewek.

Y fydh servys Asvens yn Kernewek dhe 3 eur dy'Sul 27ves a vis Du dhe Eglos Plu Sen Burdoch. Rag manylyon moy gwrewgh kestava orth Jane Kneebone orth janekneebone@gmail.com po pellgewsel orta - 01637 873135.

Dy'Sadorn tressa a vis Kevardhu tri heur (Tereba Nessa, Keur heb Hanow ha Red River Singers) a vydh kana yn Kernewek ha yn Sowsnek dhe Japel Pons Resulyan ogas dhe Resrudh. An servys/keskan a dhalleth 7.30 .

Yma ynwedh gonis a lennansow hag a ganow yn naw ran yn Kernewek dhe eglos Sen Swithin, Lannseles, dy’Sul ethves mis Genver 2017 dhe deyr eur. Ena y tynnerghyn oll ahanowgh.

Penn-seythen 2017 - 7ves a vis Ebrel bys 8ves.

Governans an R.U. re erviras hedhi arghasans rag an yeth a-dhistowgh, dell hevel.
Gwrewgh sina an petisyon ma, mar pleg, ha pysi telyu ha kowetha h.e. dh'y wul ynwedh: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/128474 Linen-varow: 21a a vis Hedra 2016.

Yma moy kedhlow y'n West Briton.  


Y fydh stallow Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek dhe'n hwarvosow ma. Dewgh ha leverel 'Hou'! Mar hyllowgh gweres dyghtya stall, gwrewgh kestava orthyn mar pleg.

Taves an Tir: Ugensves lyther nowodhow

Y hyllir mires orth ugenves lyther nowodhow agan ragdres 'Taves an Tir' omma. Rag pellla manylyon, gwra mires orth an folen ma, mar pleg.

Pennseythen Gernewek

Taves an Tir

News and events in the Cornish world

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Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Project - Taves an Tir

Agan Lev

Community Conversation – The Future for Cornish.

Acorn Theatre. Sun 26th February 11-3pm. Details.

An Gannas is a magazine written entirely in Cornish which is published every month by the Kowethas and sent to its members.  Many members contribute articles on various subjects every month so there is ‘something for everyone’ in it.......

For 40 years, Graham Sandercock has been editor of An Gannas.  His work in producing the magazine since 1976 has been an essential element in the success of the Cornish language today.   He will be retiring from this job when the 500th edition comes out in 2018.  We are extremely grateful to him for his work over the years.

The Kowethas Committee would like to get the views of the membership and readers in order to decide on the future of the magazine.  We would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire, and send it either by email to sarahcooke211@yahoo.co.uk or by post to Sarah Cooke, Treetops, Windmill Hill, Launceston, PL15 9TF

The advert below is for a new position at Cornwall Council – Project Archivist.  The contract will be 3 days a week for 6 months, working on the Dasserhi Kernowek project which will archive the Cornish language revival in the early 20th Century.


There is still time to join Cornish language classes this year. Please contact us now.

There is a Yeth an Werin (social meeting of Cornish speakers) every first Monday of the month at 7.30pm at the Star in Porkellis. The first half hour of this is particularly suitable for beginners. For information call 01326 340237 or email anthony@thestarinnporkellis.co.uk. You can find details of Yeth or other Cornish events on the Kalendar Kernewek.

There will be an advent service in Cornish at 3pm on Sunday 27th. November at Budock Parish Church. For more details contact Jane Kneebone at janekneebone@gmail.com or ring her on 01637 873135.

On Saturday 3rd December three choirs (Tereba Nessa, Keur heb Hanow and Red River Singers) will be singing in Cornish and in English at Bridge Chapel near Redruth. The service/concert starts at 7.30.

There is also a service of nine lessons and carols in Cornish at St Swithin’s church, Launcells on Sunday 8 January 2017 at 3 p.m. All are welcome.

Language weekend 2017 - 7th. to 9th. April.

The U.K. Government has decided to discontinue funding for the language immediately it would seem. Please consider signing the above petition, and ask family and friends etc. to do so too. Deadline: 21st. October 2016. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/128474

An article in the West Briton gives more information  http://www.westbriton.co.uk/Cornwall-Council-slams-Government-decision-axe/story-29152191-detail/story.html


There will be Kowethas an Yeth stalls at these events. Come and say 'Hello'! If you can help run a stall, please contact us.

Taves an Tir: Twentieth newsletter

You can look at the twentieth newsletter of our project 'Taves am Tir' here. For further details, please see this page.


Cornish language weekend

Taves an Tir


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