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Nowodhow ha hwarvosow y'n bys Kernewek

Kalender a hwarvosow dhyworth Sodhva an Yeth Kernewek

Nowodhow Gorsedh Kernow

Tiffany Truscott from Radio Cornwall visited Kowsva on Friday (14th. September) to ask us about volunteering. Thanks to Vanessa and Audrey for their help. Watch her Twitter page for details of the programme.

Cornish classes are beginning in Cornwall and other places. Contact us or visit learncornishnow.com for a class list.

Looe saves the day 20th. to 23rd. September

There will be a Kowethas stall in the town (Rose Garden) on Saturday and Sunday. Who would like to come and help? Please contact us.

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek a rester 'Palys Delit' avel rann hwarvos keswlasek 6ves a mis Hedra. Synys vydh dhe Grestir (Heartlands). Amkan Palesyow Delit yw dhe avonsya gonisogeth ha teknologieth y'n gemeneth. Agan fog a vydh Gwedhennow ha'n rann hag i a gwari yn agan bewnans ha hemm a vydh kesunyes gans chons dhe dhyski nebes Kernewek heb mar. Mar mynnewgh dyski moy a-dro dhe Balesyow Delit hwi a yll vysytya aga gwiasva funpalaces.co.uk.

Yma edhom dhyn a weres a-dhyworthowgh. A aswonnowgh hwi neppyth a-dro dhe wedhennow, gwedhennow teylu, ow pirla gwedhennow, gwedhennow y'n dirwedh? Gwrewgh kestava orthyn mar plag mar quyllowgh hwi agan gweres dy'Sadorn 6ves a vis Hedra.

Stalla Kowethas dhe'n solempnita Kesva an Taves Kernewek 2018 - meur ras dhe Emma Jenkin hag Elowenn.

A vynnowgh kewsel Kernewek gans agas fleghes y'n chi? Dewgh ha dyski gwariow, kanow ha lavarow dhe usya yn aktivitys gansa. Gwrewgh dri an teylu dhe Gowsva pub nessa dy'Sadorn dhe 1.30. Medrys orth fleghes bys dhe unnek bloodh mes wolkom yw fleghes kottha ynwedh, heb mar. Hwarvos teylu yw - ny yll fleghes kemeres rann heb tevesik soweth. Heb kost - mes argevrohow a vydh spenys rag gwellhe agan aktivitys y'n termin a dheu. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1626378417406446/

*Gwrewgh checkya an folen Facebook kyns dos mar pleg. An jydh a yll chanjya.

An Guntelles Keltek Keswlasek 2019 a vydh synsys dhe'n Ostel Bristol yn Tewyn Blustri. Dy'Yow 25es a vis Ebrel - dy'Meurth 30es a vis Ebrel. Website.

Pennseythen Gernewek

Taves an Tir

News and events in the Cornish world

Cornish Language Office calendar of events

Gorsedh Kernow news

Tiffany Truscott dhyworth Radyo Kernow a vysytyas Kowsva dy'Gwener (14ves a vis Gwynngala) rag govyn orthyn a-dro dhe vodhegi. Meur ras dhe Vanessa ha dhe Audrey a'gas gweres. Gwrewgh mires orth hy folen Twytter rag manylyon a'n dowlen.

Yma klassow Kernewek ow talleth yn Kernow ha leow erel. Gwrewgh kestava orthyn po vysytya learncornishnow.com rag rol a glassow.

Logh a saw an jydh 20ves bys dhe 23a a vis Gwynngala

Y fydh stalla an Kowethas yn dre (Lowarth Rosennow) dy Sadorn ha dy Sul. Piw a vynsa dos ha gweres? Gwrewgh kestava orthyn mar pleg.

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek are organising a Fun Palace as part of a national event on 6th October. It will be held at Heartlands. Fun Palaces are all about promoting culture and technology in the community. Our focus will be Trees and the part they play in our lives and this will be combined with an opportunity to learn some Cornish of course. If you want to find out more about Fun palaces you
can visit their website funpalaces.co.uk
We need your help on the day - do you know anything about trees, family trees, hugging trees, trees in the landscape? Please get in touch if you could be available to help out on Saturday 6th October.

Some of the successful candidates at the Kesva an Yeth Kernewek presentation ceremony 2018

Want to speak some Cornish with your children at home? Come along and learn some games, songs and phrases to use in activities. Bring the family to Kowsva every second Saturday at 1.30*. Aimed at children up to 11 years old but older children are also welcome, of course. This is a family session - children can't take part on their own unfortunately. Free - but any donations will be used to enhance our activities in the future. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1626378417406446/

*Please check the facebook page before coming. The day can vary.

The International Celtic Congress 2019 will be held at the Hotel Bristol at Newquay. Thursday 25th. April - Tuesday 30th. April. Website.

Cornish language weekend

Taves an Tir


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