Heading - Cornish language weekend

Manylyon Penn-seythen Gernewek 2019. Gwrewgh gweles a-wosa.

Penn-seythen 2015:  On a treasure huntRag lies kernewegor, an ughpoynt yn mysk hwarvosow an yeth restrys dres an vledhen yw an Bennseythen Gernewek hag yw synsys y’n Gwenton.
Yma hengov pur hir a Benn-seythennyow Kernewek.  Yn bledhynnyow kyns y fedhens synsys yn kampva karavan, mes pur yeyn yw Gwenton yn Kernow yn fenowgh ha rakhenna y’n dedhyow ma an Kowethas a ragergh ostel dhien rag an bennseythen.

Rag kernewegoryon yw an Bennseythen, heb mar, mes henn yw dhe leverel ‘kernewegoryon orth pub nivel’, y’ga mysk tus na wor unn ger a Gernewek mes aPenn-seythen 2015:  Shelagh Garrard and Vanessa Beeman garsa dyski an yeth.  Rag an dus na, ha tus ha dhedha tamm Kernewek, yma dyskansow dres an bennseythen.  Rag tus moy avonsys yma aktivitys a’ga gweres dhe braktisya kewsel an yeth yn desedhyansow divers.  Ha rag tus freth yma arethow ha bagasow dadhla.

Dy’Gwener gorthugherweyth y teu kevrenegow hag omguntel rag kinyewel war-barth kyns omlowenhe y’n barr ow klappya orth kowetha na veu gwelys a-dhia an Bennseythen y’n vledhen kyns.  Yn fenowgh yma kenys ha bardhonieth ynwedh.

Dyskansow, hag aktivitys yeth yw gidys, a dhalleth dy’Sadorn myttinweyth, hag ena wosa liv yma tro a-dro dhe’n dre po dhe neb le y’n ranndir, yn Kernewek gans treylyans yn Sowsnek.  Gorthugherweyth y rester an Kowethas bagasow ilow ha dons avel didhan.

Dy’Sul yma dyskansow hag aktivitys erel arta, ha wosa liv yma didhan kepar ha gwari performys gans neb klass kernewek.  Hag ena termyn yw rag leverel ‘Duw genes’ dhe gowetha nowydh ha koth bys y’n vledhen a dheu!

Amkan an Bennseythen Gernewek yw ri dhe gernewegoryon ha dyskoryon chons dhe braktisya kewsel an yeth yn unn omlowenhe hag yn kyrghynnedh hegar, lowsys ha kosel, ha ni a wayt ni dhe wul henna yn sewen – prag na dhewgh dhe’n nessa Pennseythen rag gweles mars yw henna an kas?


Derivas gans Sarah Cooke: Penn-seythen Gernewek 2018

Synsys veu an Benn-seythen Gernewek yn Ostel Sandy Lodge, Tewynn Pleustri, an kynsa penn-seythen a-vis Ebrel, gans neppyth rag Kernewegoryon a nivelyow oll. Dy'Gwener an 6ves, yth esa Dydh Stoffya, fest dhe les rag an re ow studhya rag apposyansow an vledhen ma. Rag an re erel, y feu fylmyans an kynsa diskwethyans Jaqi ha Jerry rag Pellwolok an Gernewegva, restrys gans Matthi Clarke.  Gorthugherweyth ni a welas an gwari 'Tus Val Karrek Kernow', skrifys gans John Parker ha gwariys gans Klass an Hay.  Wosa henna, yth esa keskan, y'n kynsa le gans Keur Heb Hanow, hag y'n nessa gans Matthi Clarke, kessenys gans Jakki Love ha'y krowd.

Wosa an klassow dy'Sadorn, an kerdh a veu hembrenkys gans istorior teythyek, Len Shepherd, hag y'n ostel yth esa fylm a-dro dhe Henry Jenner. Gorthugherweyth yth esa troyl gans 'Tan ha Dowr', ha chons dhe glappya gans kowetha, nowydh ha koth.   Moy a klassow dy'Sul, ha wosa li dy'Sul ni a omlowenhas ow mires orth gwari aral, 'Mernans Pilat', gwrys gans an klass Loundres, gans Tony Hak, pur dhidhanus avel Pilat.  

An Bennseythen Gernewek yw chons marthys da dhe omvetya gans Kernewegoryon erel, dhe braktisya an yeth, dhe studhya hag omlowenhe. Gwrewgh notya an dhedhas rag an vledhen a dheu, 5es-7ves a-vis Ebrel 2019.

Mirva: Penn-seythen 2016

Video: Penn-seythen 2017

Mirva: Penn-seythen 2017

Mirva: Penn-seythen 2018

Y fydh an Benn-seythen Gernewek 2019 synsys dy'Gwener 5es a vis Ebrel dhe dy'Sul 7ves a vis Ebrel yn Tewinbleustri. Splann via gweles kemmys Kernewegoryon avel possybyl ena. Gwari teg yw! Dewgh ha dyski moy Kernewek, keskewsel gans kowetha, kana ha donsya. Dy'Gwener yw 'Dydh Stoffya' - praktis da rag an apposyansow Kesva. Manylyon ha furvlen: Versyon Word. PDF.

Mar mynnowgh hwi pe an fe kovskrifans dre Paypal, hwi a yll y wul dre an boton ma. Gwrewgh rekna an myns hag yw dhe be ha gwrewgh y worra y'n gisten. Ena gwrewgh danvon an furflen (a-ugh) der an post po avel stagell.



Heading - Cornish language weekend

Details of the 2019 Cornish Language Weekend. See below.

For many Cornish speakers the high point amongst language events organised through the year is the Cornish Language Weekend which is held in the Spring.  There is a long tradition of Language Weekends.  In years gone by they were held in a caravan park, but it’s often very cold in Cornwall in the Spring so these days the Kowethas books an entire hotel for the weekend.

The Weekend is for Cornish speakers, of course, but that means ‘Cornish Penn-seythen 2015 At the aquariumspeakers at all levels’ including people that don’t know a word of Cornish but would like to learn the language.  For those people, and people with just a little Cornish there are lessons through the weekend .  For more advanced people there are activities that will help them speak the language in a variety of situations.  And for fluent speakers there are talks and discussion groups.

On Friday evening delegates arrive and get together for dinner before enjoying themselves in the bar chatting to friends they haven’t seen since the previous year’s Weekend.  Often there is singing and poetry too.

Lessons, and guided language activities, begin on Saturday morning, and then after lunch there is a tour around the town or some other place in the district, in Cornish with an English translation.   In the evening the Kowethas organises bands and dance groups for entertainment.

On Sunday there are lessons and other activities again, and after lunch some entertainment, such as a play performed by a Cornish class.  Then it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to new and old friends until next year!

The aim of the Language Weekend is to give Cornish speakers and learners a chance to practise speaking the language in an enjoyable way and in a friendly, stress-free and relaxed environment, and we hope we do that successfully – why not come to the next Weekend to see if that’s the case?

Report from Sarah Cooke: Cornish Language Weekend 2018

The Cornish Language Weekend was held at Sandy Lodge Hotel, Newquay, on the first weekend of April, with something for Cornish speakers of all levels.

On Friday 6th there was a Dydh Stoffya (Cramming Day ), extremely useful for those studying for exams this year. For others there was the filming of the first Jaqi & Jerry Show, for Pellwolok an Gernewegva (Cornish TV), produced by Matthi Clarke. In the evening we watched the play Tus Val Karrek Kernow (Hard Rock Cornish Miners) written by John Parker and performed by the Heamoor class. Afterwards there was singing, firstly from Keur Heb Hanow and secondly from Matthi Clarke, accompanied by Jakki Love on the fiddle.

After the classes on Saturday, the walk to Porth was led by local historian, Len Shepherd, and in the hotel there was a film about Henry Jenner.  In the evening there was dancing with Tan ha Dowr. and a chance to chat with friends, new and old. More classes on Sunday, and after lunch we enjoyed another play, Mernans Pilat (Death of Pilate) performed by the London class with Tony Hak as a most amusing Pilate.

The Cornish Language Weekend is a wonderful opportunity to meet other Cornish speakers, practise, study and enjoy yourself. Make a note of next year's date, 5th-7th April 2019.

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The 2019 Cornish Language Weekend will be held from Friday 5th. April to Sunday 7th. April in Newquay. It would be great to see as many Cornish speakers as possible there. It's great fun! Come and learn some more Cornish, chat with friends, sing and dance. Friday is 'Cramming Day' - good practice for the Kesva examinations. Details and form: Word version. PDF.

If you would like to pay the registration fee by PayPal you can do so via this button. Just calculate the amount payable and fill it in. Then send the form (above) by post or as an attachment. Thank you.



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