Some thoughts from some of the Heamoor volunteers

Godfrey Matthews Roy Blewett Carol Manley  

I was interested in the project because the paternal side of my family tree comes from Morvah, Madron and Heamoor. My great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather farmed at
Boswarthen, and my father was an apprentice blacksmith at Madron. Hence a love of local history. The Madron tithe map enabled me to see the very fields worked by my
family in bygone years. It was indeed a worthwhile project.

Godfrey Matthews

I enjoyed discovering the amount of Cornish origin names in the fields and places.

Roy Blewett

Familiar words are part of the Cornish language and the old language becomes part of everyday life. I would have liked to talk to the older people about what they remember from childhood. Local history is part of modern life if you love Cornwall.

Remembering and comparing past and present is always an interesting experience. I most enjoyed exploring my youth and childhood experiences and summarising some of them in my ‘Memories’ document. I also enjoyed looking through my old photos and thinking about the dialect words that we used to use. It was interesting to see how many of these were survivals from the Cornish language.

In writing " Memories " it confirmed that a lot of the Cornish language is still used today or at least in my day. I wonder how many Cornish words are still in everyday use without us really knowing.

Carol Manley