Heading - membership of Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

An Kowethas a wra devnydh a arghasow dhyworth an eseleth rag skoodhya yn syth dyskans an bobel y’n yeth  Kernewek.  Pub person a ober a-barth an Kowethas a wra henna avel bodhek heb degemeres talas vyh.  Arghans dhyworth an eseleth yw essensek, may hallo ragdresow pesya kepar hag: 

An Gannas, an unn lyver termyn misyek, ha re beu skrifys ha gorrys war-barth dres lies bledhen gans bodhogyon ha devnydhyoryon lel a’n yeth Kernewek.

Klew!, lyther nowodhow yn Sowsnek dyllys pup tri mis hag ynno nowodhow a-dro dhe ober an Kowethas ha hwarvosow ow tos.

An Bennseythen Gernewek meurgerys hag yw restrys a gostow ispoyntel rag an dus a wra mos ena. Gwrewgh notya yn ta: Le kostek yw rag eseli!

Dyllans a lyvrow ha dyllansow erel. Rann vras a ober an Kowethas yw lemmyn.

Kowsva - agan gwerthji dhe Heartlands.

Mentena Gwiasva an Kowethas.

Dyghtya stallow dhe hwarvosow y’n gemeneth, hag a dhre moy a wober mes a skoodh dyghtyans a hwarvosow selys y’n gemeneth..

Pub diner a’n arghans dyworth an eseli a surha ni dhe allos pesya y’gan ober a herdh an yeth Kernewek yn-rag y’gan kemeneth..

Meur ras dhywgh a’gas skodhyans.

An pris a lies a'gan dyllansow yw le rag eseli an Kowethas.

Rag pella derivadow a-dro dhe eseleth, danvenewgh e-bost dhe  kowethas@hotmail.co.uk mar pleg.

Y hyllir iskarga furvlen omrolya omma:

Word po PDF

Kost a eseleth blydhynnyek yw dell sew:

Eseleth leun gans An Gannas y'n RU po


Eseleth leun gans An Gannas y'n RU (heb gober) po


Eseleth leun gans An Gannas yn Europ po


Eseleth leun gans An Gannas yn broyow erel po


Eseleth Skoodhyer (4*Klew!)  £10 po


Eseleth teylu (a-ugh + £2 rag pub esel teylu moy)



Heading - membership of Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

The Fellowship uses funds from the membership to directly support the education of the public in the Cornish language. Almost everyone that works for the Fellowship does so as a volunteer and receives no payment. The membership money is vital for the continuation of projects like:

An Gannas, the only regular monthly publication in Cornish in existence.  It has been collated and written for many years by volunteers and devoted Cornish language users.

Klew!, a newsletter in English published every three months containing news about the work of the Kowethas and upcoming events.

The popular Cornish Language Weekend which is run at a minimum cost to the people who attend. N.B. It's cheaper for members!

Printing of books and other publications.  This is a growing part of the work done by the Fellowship.

Kowsva - our shop at Heartlands.

Maintaining the Fellowship website.

Running stalls at community events.  This not only brings in extra income through the sale of books and other items but supports community-based events in Cornwall.

Thank you for your support.

Members also get a discount on many of our publications.

For enquiries about membership please e-mail kowethas@hotmail.co.uk.

You can download an application form here:

Word or PDF

Current annual membership rates are as follows:

Full membership with An Gannas in the UK or


Full membership with An Gannas (unwaged) or


Full membership with An Gannas in Europe or


Full membership with An Gannas in the rest of the world or


Supporter's Membership (4*Klew!) or


Family membership (as above plus a further £2 for each extra family member)


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