Volunteer Co-ordinator Pat Parry at Kresen KernowOur first event was on June 28th. - a walk around the Churchtown trail (see the Visit Redruth website for the approximate route). Project Leader Rob Simmons talked to the group along the way about the place-names we see and other interesting aspects of the route. Experts like Rod Lyon and Vanessa Moyle were able to add a lot of detail and we did quite a lot of standing on street corners, debating earnestly. We're hoping that, as in Lanivet and Heamoor, the project will expand well beyond simple place name derivations. In Redruth, especially, with mining such a focus in living memory, there is a wealth of information to be found.

Our next event was a social evening with music from Cornish musicians Matthi and Jakki. Designed originally for 'Kernewegoryon' (people with an interest in the language), the evening was open to anybody with a strong interest in the focus of the Taves an Tir project - place names, personal names and local history. Good conversation, a sing-a-long and a glass of wine with a free pasty - what more could we have wanted.

Our Kernow Kwiz on Monday 20th. July at the Melting Pot at Krowji was a great success. What is the outer coating on Yarg cheese?  What does the Red- in Redruth mean?  What is the minimum legal meat content in a Cornish pasty?  These were among the tricky questions on Cornwall and Redruth posed in Cornish and in English by quizmaster Pol Hodge. Winning team Wiki Pobel (Steve Harris, Matt Blewitt, Diane Dawes and John Ellingham) proved that they were up to the challenge:  Know Kernow, do 'ee? and they (and the other five teams Ny Wonn, the Coachlaners, Diw Venen Gynnrudh, Us in the Corner and the Newbies) went home with prizes ranging from tuition, tea and cakes at the Moseley Industrial Narrow Gauge Tramway and Toy Museum to free pasties from Bray's and K's to Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek key rings.  Photos.

After a summer break, Taves an Tir resumed activities with a drop-in event at Redruth's Pasty Day on September 12th. We held this in the galleried area of Kresen Kernow in Alma Place by kind permission of Kim Cooper and Training day at Cornwall Record Officewere delighted to meet lots of people as they enjoyed the day. There were activities for children and a place-names quiz plus an exhibition on the weekend's theme, Mining. There were lots of other things too to do all through the town (as well as eating - or baking - pasties!). Children took part in the 'Pasty Trail' and came to us for the answer to the final, all-important clue.

On Sesptember 19th. twelve volunteers (and others) had a fantastic day at the Cornwall Records Office, learning about mapping, tithe maps and other useful sources for the project and having a guided tour around the archive itself. Thanks very much to Deborah Tritton, Emma Trevarthen and Nev Meek. On-tap coffee, tea and biscuits and a great lunch thanks to Dee Hunt helped us all absorb all the information. For more information contact Rob Simmons, project leade,r at tavesantir@gmail.com or on 07907462294.


Oll an gwella - best wishes - from the Taves an Tir team.