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Medrasow Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek yw dhe avonsya dyskans an bobel y’n yeth  kernewek dre ragworra,  skoodhya ha maga  devnydh anedhi. Ny’n jevydh an Kowethas tu parti politek.

A walk with Cornish language speakersPub mis, dyllo a wra an Kowethas ‘An Gannas’ hag ynni erthyglow, hwedhlow, nowodhow, skrifow ha krowseryow. Dyllo yw rann dhe les an ober gwrys gans an Kowethas. Yn mysk an taklow gwrys ganso yw lyvrow, dydhlyvrow, hwedhlow ha daffar dyski. Lyvrow gans plasennow arghansek yw dyllys keffrys rag gweres  an studhyoryon. An Kowethas a wra kwethow-te, hanafow,  arwodhygyow karr, pluvennow, kartennow, krysyow-t ha taklow  erel dhe wertha. Y hyllir prena an re ma war an wiasva ma, dhe Gowsva - agan gwerthji dhe Heartlands, Poll - ha dhe stallow owth avonsya an yeth dhe lies hwarvos. Dres an vledhen an Kowethas a rester nebes dydhyow an taves,  skodhys yn fenowgh gans ilow gernewek ha donsya. Chons da yw rag Kernewegoryon dhe gesvetya yn hwarvos gans Kernewek kewsys yn unnik.

Rag lies esel, ughboynt an  vledhen yw an  Benn-seythen Gernewek. Homm yw hwarvos may ma Kernewegoryon a bub  nivel ow kodriga warbarth ha kewsel an yeth. Herwydh usadow, synsys Paskweyth yw. Yn-mysk an hwarvosow  erel yma kerdhow  kevarwodhys, kuntellesow Yeth an Werin (chons da rag kesklappya yn Kernewek, synsys yn diwotti  yns herwydh usadow) ha Dydhyow Lowender. An Kowethas a  brof  gonis derivadow digost rag tus a’ga honan ha kowethasow  erel. Y hyllir  kavos derivadow  a-dro dhe  bub tremmyn a istori, studhyansow, henwyn teyluyow ha tylleryow, henwel fleghes, stretow, chiow, skathow, enyvales dov yn Kernewek, treylyans ha devnydh a Gernewek yn negysyow hag  argemynieth.

Yma dhyn gwerthji - Kowsva - dhe Heartlands, ogas dhe Gammbronn. Gwrewgh agan vysytya. Dy'Lun, dy'Mergher, dy'Gwener ha dy'Sadorn 10 - 1.
Ni a vydh ygor ynwedh - yn fenowgh - pan eus hwarvos arbennek dhe Heartlands.

Fun on the beach at NewquayAn Kowethas a re gweres dhe’n  klassow  Kernewek a-hys Kernow ha pella. An Kowethas a with kevrennow gans meur a gowethasow gonisogethek yn Kernow ha pella, hag y’ga mysk kowethasow yeth hag adhyskans y’n powyow keltek  erel. An Kowethas yw kowethas bodhek (niver alusen 1065527) ha’y arghans yw  drehevys dre nebes grontow, eseleth, gwerthow ha rohow.

Istori an Kowethas


Penn-seythen Gernewek

Kestava Genen


The objectives of Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek are to advance the education of the public in the Cornish language by promoting, encouraging and fostering its use. The Kowethas is non-party political.

An Gannas - Cornish language magazineEvery month the society publishes a Cornish language magazine called ‘An Gannas’ which consists of articles, stories, news, comment and crossword puzzles. Publishing is an important aspect of the work of the society. Amongst the variety of materials that have been produced are books, diaries, stories and language learning materials. Books with accompanying CDs are also published to assist beginners. The society also produces tea-towels, mugs, car stickers, pens, cards, T-shirts and other items for sale, all displaying the Cornish language. These are available on this website, at Kowsva - our shop at Heartlands, Pool and at stalls promoting the language at many events. During the year the society organises a number of language days, often supported by Cornish music or dancing, giving Cornish speakers the opportunity of meeting together in a Cornish speaking environment.

For many people the highlight of the year is a fully residential weekend, the Penn-seythen Gernewek, held usually around Easter time. Cornish speakers of any ability, including complete beginners are very welcome. Other social activities include guided walks, Yeth an Werin (a chance for a chat in Kernewek, usually held in a local pub) and Dydhyow Lowender (fun days where all events are organised in Radio an Gernewegva - outside broadcastCornish). The Kowethas offers a free advice and information service to any individual or organisation on any aspect of language including history, study, family and place names, naming children, streets, houses, boats or pets in Cornish, translation and the use of Cornish in business names and advertising. We are also happy to run taster days for other organisations.

We have a shop at Heartlands near Camborne. Come and visit. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10 - 1. We'll also be open - often - when there are special events at Heartlands.

The society is closely associated with the running of Cornish language classes throughout Cornwall and beyond. It maintains links with a wide range of other cultural organisations both in Cornwall and beyond, including language and educational organisations in other Celtic countries. The society is a voluntary body, (charity no. 1065527) and its funding is raised through grants, membership, sales and donations.

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Pennseythen Gernewek

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