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New! Recordings of each of the stories of Broder Wella by Jowann Richards - recorded by Jerry Jeffreys. The book is available from our shop, Kowsva, at Heartlands or from our web shop.

Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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Download leaflets in Cornish for beginners

Download leaflets in Cornish for intermediate level learners

Taves an Tir Educational Resources Pack N.B. This pack is free for schools and other educational establishments. Please contact kowethasanyeth@gmail.com for details of username and password.

Resouirces packs from the Cornish Language Office

St. Piran


Drama Kernewek

Audio files

Kanow Flehes (Book with music and a DVD), Ple'ma Spot? and the three Topsy ha Tim books can be bought from our shop at Heartlands, Pool or from our web shop.

Five songs from Kanow Flehes

Hickori Dicko ri Dock (Hickory Dickory Dock)

Broder Jacka (Brother Jack - Frere Jacques)

Ow Skiber yw leskys (Our barn is on fire - like London's Burning)

An Tiek Koth (The old farmer - Old MacDonald)

Rev an Skath (Row the boat)

English translations

Ple'ma Spot?

Ple'ma Spot? A Cornish version of the popular children's book read by Steve Harris.

Topsy ha Tim (read by Julia Wass)

Topsy ha Tim a wra kampya - Topsy and Tim go camping

Topsy ha Tim ha'n kevewi penn-bloodh - Topsy and Tim have a birthday party

Topsy ha Tim war an bargen tir - Topsy and Tim at the farm

First Year Cornish Language Course 'Splann yw Kernewek' by Maureen Pierce. Read by Dee Harris.

Dyskans 1

Dyskans 2

Dyskans 3

From Holyewgh an Lergh page 20

Dyskans 4

Dyskans 5

Dyskans 6

Dyskans 7

Y'n Pow page 41

Dyskans 8

Dyskans 9

Dyskans 10

Dyskans 13

Dyskans 16

Dyskans 18

Dyskans 19

Dyskans 21

Dyskans 22

Dyskans 23

Dyskans 24

Dyskans 29

From Henhwedhlow by Stevyn Colgan. Translated by Tony Hak. The printed book is for sale here on-line or at Kowsva, Heartlands.

A-dro deh fatell gavas men-an-Toll y doll p.144

Story 1 Roger Henley

Story 2 Mary Sutcliffe

Talsogh (Dullard) Rod Sheaff

Jakka Plos (Dirty Jack) Stephen Gainey

Mamm Talsogh (Dullard's mother) Pat Parkins

Sound effects Roger Bailey

Tregagel drog, pur dhrog p.284