Kernewek Bew

Co-ordinator: Rebecca Lawrence

This project is directed at sourcing and developing audio-visual resources to give learners the opportunity of extending their knowledge of Cornish at home or in group settings. Our starting point is to create a database of all known existing material. This will be a point of reference for relevant resources as well as an opportunity to locate any gaps in resources that are available. It will not an open resource because of data protection issues. It will be accessible through the Rosweyth group.

Another strand of this project is to take existing material with aural content that may be on cassette or video and transfer this to digital and/or online formats to make these more accessible.

In addition to the above we will try to create new audio-visual resources. Having compiled the start of the database and having examined online content we feel that there should be a focus on creating new audio-visual material for children and families and also for young adults as there seems to be a lack of quality material for these particular groups.

So far we have established the database and located a means of converting cassettes to a digital format. The content for children and families will be a Jackanory style series of short stories in Cornish. The working title is ‘Jack ha Nory’.

As far as young adults are concerned, we are in discussion with Falmouth University about a possible student placement as well as seeking students to create material that they feel is relevant to their age range. At present there is no centralisation of resources, making it difficult and time-consuming for anyone wishing to see what is available to aid them in their learning and enjoyment of the Cornish language. A website has been created which will act as a central hub for all the above resources. Online resources that are deemed suitable will also be linked to this. It is hoped that bringing audio-visual content to life and collating existing material will provide learners the opportunity to learn more at home and gain confidence in their speaking abilities. There will be additional material to help teachers develop aural competence and learners achieve greater confidence by continuing their studies at home.

If you think you might have Cornish language audio-visual resources you could contribute or if you'd like to help with production, please contact the project at .