“Kowsva, The Cornish Place” yw gwerthji gans diffrans. Kresen ygor rag tus a vynn dyski a-dro dhe’n yeth ha gonisogeth kernewek yw mes ynwedh kuntellva rag bagasow a bub sort. Yn tevri yma lyvrow ha DVDow Kernewek ha diwyethek dhe brena, ha nebes rohow didhanus Kernewek ynwedh.

An gwerthji yw ygor pub dy’ Lun, dy’ Mergher, dy’ Gwener ha dy’ Sadorn ynter 10kh ha 1wh hag ynwedh - yn fenowgh - pan eus hwarvosow arbennek dhe Heartlands. Prag na wrewgh hwi dos a-ji ha leverel “dydh da”?

Yma pub prys edhom dhyn a vodhogyon dhe oberi yn ha rag an gwerthji. Gwrewgh kestava orthyn mar pleg mar fynnsewgh agan gweres.

Na wrewgh ankevi - yma gwerthji warlinen war an wiasva ma gans lyvrow ha taklow erel.

Niver pellgowser (ha'n gwerthji ygerys): 01209 718999.

‘Kowsva, The Cornish Place’ is a shop with a difference. It’s not only a drop-in centre for people interested in Cornish language and culture, but also a meeting-place for groups of all sorts. Of course, there are Cornish language and bilingual books and DVDs for sale, as well as some fun Cornwall-themed gifts.

The shop is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 10am and 1pm and also - often - when there are special events at Heartlands. Why not call in and say ‘dydh da’?

We always need volunteers to work in and for the shop. Please contact us if you'd like to help.

Don't forget - there's an on-line shop with books and other items on this website.

Phone number (when the shop is open): 01209 718999.


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