An Rin Kernewek / The Cornish Mystery



A selection of 6 short stories by Agatha Christie, translated by Roger Henley and published by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek.


An hwegh hwedhel berr oll ma a rann mell dhe Gernow, kynth yw an mell na nebes tanow yn unn po dew hwedhel. Yth yns i an kynsa treylyans a hwedhlow Agatha Christie yn Kernewek ha’n pympes ha tri ugens yeth may feu hy hwedhlow treylyes ynni. Gwaytys yw i dhe brevi dhe les dhe studhyoryon keffrys ha’n re a gar novelys galweyth.

Roger Henley yw Bardh a Orsedh Kernow ha dyskador a’n yeth gans KDL. Y hwedhlow berr ha’y vewskrifow a waynyas lies pewas y’n kesstrifow an Orsedh y’n bledhynnyow usi passyes.

These six short stories are connected to Cornwall, even though some of the connections are tenuous. This is the first Cornish translation of Agatha Christie stories. Interesting for students who like a good crime novel.

Roger Henley is a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh and a language teacher with KDL. His short stories and biographies have won many prizes in the Gorsedh competitions in recent years.

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