A boat trip with a group from Truro's Yeth an WerinAn Kowethas a  aswon bos posek Kernewek kewsys, ha pup mis  Ebrel po mis Me hi a wra ordena an Benn-seythen Gernewek,  may ma a-dro dhe 120 kernewegor a  guntel dhe omjunya yn  klassow, kana, kerdhow  gidys ha hwarvosow  erel yn  kerhyn diskwithys ha heudhadow. Dres an  vledhen an Kowethas a  skoodh ynwedh  klassow reyth may hyllowgh dyski, kewsel (ha skrifa!) Kernewek orth agas toth agas honan.

Kavadow yw lyvrow gans sidiow  dhyworth an Kowethas dre bost may hyllowgh goslowes orth Kernewek kewsys yntra  klassow ha praktisya  y’gas chi agas honan!

An Kowethas a  generth y eseli dhe vos dhe hwarvosow Yeth an Werin y'ga hentreveth, hag yw kuntellesow anformel a Gernewegoryon, herwydh usadow yn diwotti po barr, may hyllir praktisya kewsel Kernewek gans tus dhyffrans.


On a walk in Tehidy Woods - at a Redruth language dayThe Kowethas recognises the importance of spoken Cornish and every year in April or May hosts the Penn-seythen Kernewek, the Cornish Language Weekend, where around 120 speakers gathered to participate in classes, singing, guided walks and other events in a relaxed and fun environment. Throughout the year the Kowethas also supports regular classes where you can learn to speak (and write!) Cornish at your own pace.

A range of books with accompanying CDs is available through the Kowethas by mail order to let you listen to spoken Cornish in between classes and practise in your own home!

The Kowethas also encourages its members to attend Yeth an Werins in their local area, which are informal gatherings of Cornish speakers, usually in a pub or bar, where you can practise speaking Cornish with a wider group. It also supports a number of local groups throughout Cornwall and beyond.