A-dro dhe'n Vro Niver 3


The newsletter of the Taves an Tir Cornish language project


Dydh da pub huni/Hello everyone!

Welcome to the third newsletter of the Taves an Tir project,

Firstly welcome to the new look newsletter, I hope it will make the newsletters more readable for you all, and I hope you like it any thoughts let me know tavesantir@gmail.com

Secondly thanks to everyone who came along to the training event at the Cornwall Records Office. My personal thanks to those behind the scenes. From the project team and Emma Trevarthen from the Cornwall and Scilly Heritage and Records Service (HERS) for showing us all around the resources on-line and Deborah Tritton for hosting us at the Cornwall Records Office (CRO) and showing us great old documents and maps as well as making us feel very welcome. 

Taves an Tir training
Training and the resources available
Emma Trevarthen (HERs) gave a run down of the work of the service. Providing later a tutorial on the resources available on websites like Hertiage Gateway, Cornwall Council Interactive Mapping Service and Historic Cornwall.  

There was also a good opportunity to see the original tithe map for Lanivet parish. Pictured above are the information packs handed out to volunteers. Providing guides to the online resources and a run down of the historical records available.
A trip around the strong rooms with Deborah Tritton
 The Strong Room tour

Picture above is Deborah Tritton (CRO), showing the project volunteers around the strong rooms. In her hand is the daily diary of the headteacher from Lanivet school. A great insight to life decades ago. 

The tour was treated to seeing a number of interesting pieces from the Lanivet area, including a tour of the map room, a look at the register from Bodmin prison. A look at William Borlase's (recently restored) work on the Cornish language in the 18th century.
Dee Hunt at Radio Cornwall
Taves an Tir in the news
On the morning of the training event in Truro, Dee Hunt popped along to Radio Cornwall to speak to Donna Birrell about the project and Cornish Language placenames on her saturday morning programme.

The project has featured widely in newspapers. Having write ups in the Western Morning News, The West Briton
 and The Cornishman, all worth a good read.

On saturday we even had a journalist join us for the training session. Pictured above on the back left is Matthi ab Dewi from Radyo an Gernewegva, interviewing people from the project, this will feature on next week's RanG show available as a podcast.
In the next newsletter: Details of the next event in Lanivet in early November 

Agas gweles arta yn skon! / See you again soon!
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