A Learners Cornish Dictionary Second Edition


Extended and updated

ed. Steve Harris, Dee Harris, Peter Harvey, Rael Harvey

Pub. Ors Sempel and An Kylgh Kernewek 2018.

Cornish-English/English-Cornish dictionary for people in the first few years of learning the language.


ISBN 9 780993 076435


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A Learners’ Cornish Dictionary

Second Edition

Developed in 2008 and revised in 2014, the Standard Written Form of Cornish is the agreed orthography for use in public life, by Cornwall Council, and within education.

As well as a Cornish-English / English-Cornish dictionary, this volume includes the pronominal prepositions required for first and second grade study, a selection of useful verbs, numbers and idioms in Cornish, and examples of good sentence structure in a variety of tenses.

This revised and expanded edition contains nearly 10,000 words and phrases in Cornish.

ISBN 9 780993 076435

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