Are you wondering what Cornish sounds like? 

Are you learning the language and need to listen to it and read more?

Are you fluent and wanting to see and hear great Cornish? 

Here you will find links to help you, links to Cornish videos, radio, television, the weather, courses and much more.

You can also find books in Cornish at our shop at Kowsva or online.

Cornish Language Radio and TV

For Television and Radio programmes, plus music in Cornish click here.

Speak Cornish Videos

For bedtime story telling and more in Cornish click here.

The News in Cornish

News is broadcast in Cornish on BBC Radio Cornwall every Sunday afternoon, at 13:55 (1:55 pm).

To listen to the programme on BBC Sounds click here.

For the script and a translation click here.

Kenewgh! Sing! The Cornish Songbook” is published by the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies.

To listen or sing along click here

The Weather in Cornish

Click here

Date and Time in Cornish

Click here

More Cornish Language resources

There are many Cornish language resources at these sites:

Agan Tavas – promotes the use and study of the language.
Akademi Kernewek – corpus planning and online dictionary.
Celtic League Cornwall – useful information and legal sources.
Cornish Language Board – teaching, exams and educational materials.
Cornish Language Council – Modern Cornish for one and all.
Cornish Language Office – Cornwall Council Language Programme.
ELEN – European Language Equality Network.
Federation of Old Cornwall Societies – knowledge of Cornwall’s past.
Go Cornish – get into the Cornish Language Revival.
Gorsedh Kernow – the Celtic Spirit of Cornwall.

Nursery Schools Movement – supports Cornish language for children
Reviving Cornish – the story of the revival of the Cornish language.

Speak Cornish – the network of voluntary Cornish language organisations.

And two excellent lists of online Cornish Resources here and here